Hirotaro Yamasaki Oil shock in the 21st century has begun.
In the same year the Toyako summit was held in Japan, it is symbolic that the fuel crisis becomes evident. Ironically this crisis opened our eyes to another, the environmental crisis.

Awareness of energy and environment is certainly changing. Without these two elements, there will be no further development for humanity including economic development. This principle of "sustainable development in harmony with the environment" should be common sense for the new epoch.

Leading the trend of the times in the whole world in the scale of the 21st century, the Lions Mangrove Project in Indonesia will play the leading role in being responsible for this principle in our generation.

Forestation is expected to be the major factor in green house gas sequestration, however this won't be the priority for the Lions Mangrove Project. During the first stage of our forestation project in Indonesia, central and regional governments and locals are all anticipating the outcome of this project. Why?

Mangroves grow at the borderline between land and sea, where they develop the habitat for natural marine resources like shrimps, crabs and fishes. Maintaining the forest will provide employment to local residents. Mangrove forests also become a natural buffer along the coastline to protect locals from natural disasters like tsunamis. Those benefits of forestation will be the base to develop economically independent lives for local residents. Furthermore, mangrove forests are not just a temporally rescue but as property for coming generations to be handed down to their children and grandchildren.

This forestation project is an environment-friendly economic development without the downside of destroying or polluting the natural ecosystem.

Indonesians are known as the most pro-Japanese people in the world. The Lions club works hand in hand with Indonesian people to lead the world in establishing common sense in the new epoch, which in the end will contribute to the whole world.

We would like to ask you all to join us and support our mangrove forestation project.

Hirotaro Yamasaki The Chairman of "Lions Mangrove Project"