Mangroves and planting area
Mangroves are the plants that grow in tropical intertidal areas.
It takes about 15years to grow a forest like that in background.

Young seedlings three month after planting.
YL Invest employs local residents for collecting, storing and planting seedlings.
Most of locals are fishermen. Their economic conditions are quite severe.
One family lives for one month on about 10,000yen, half of which goes to the fuel cost for their fishing boat and generator.

Many children are unable to go to the school due to financial reasons.
Some of them join in seedling collection to help their families.

"No shrimps, crabs or fishes without mangrove forest", a fisherman said.
Because of the economic development along the coastline in Indonesia, marine resources are in serious danger.

Growing mangrove forests not only helps contribute global warming but also helps to secure employment for locals and to nurture marine resources.